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Raúl Eugenio Podetti
N° Pag:128
e-book:3 $
Papel:3.98 $
11/1/2018 10:00:00 PM
ISBN: 978-172-6705-81-3 Histórico Ensayos  
It is a book about industrial shipbuilding policy in Argentina that runs through its history, providing a thorough qualitative and quantitative analysis of the sector’s performance, then moving into the study and discussion of cause and effect relationships between state policies and development, and lastly providing proposals for the future. Published in December 2017, it covers 100 years (1937-2036); eighty of History and twenty of Future, projecting realistic scenarios of development if a few simple policies are changed. The authors -father and son- contribute their views as active players in private and public sectors of this industry.
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