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María Claudia Otsubo
N° Pag:125
e-book:3 $
Papel:3.94 $
11/1/2018 10:00:00 PM
ISBN: 9781726745550 Ficción Novela  
In Women in the sun, linen in the wind, the focus is put in several actions worn-out by everyday life. A woman lays the sheets that she has just washed. Another one takes her time while cooking. Two women get together around a bonfire to burn old papers until the last embers are gone. But these ancestral rites –evoked in “The murmur of line”, “The last shadow” and “A covenant of silence”– are not repeated signs anymore; they have turned into true epiphanies in which each one of them unveils new meanings. This gaze that dives deeply into reality looking to pull out new senses, strongly knots each of the stories. This is done with great implication, especially regarding what cannot be told; such as in “The sisters” or “Nocturnal”, two short stories that hint much more than what they say. The combination of signs –to show and to hide– creates a disturbing atmosphere in which the truth makes all boundaries blurry. In both extremes, the stories that open and give closure to the book show –just as all others– the author’s choice to erase the boundaries created by the prose to confer them intense levels of poeticism. In this new book, Claudia Otsubo portrays how she masters a tone and intonation of her own with which she can fly with a woman’s wings. Raquel Barros
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